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Company Pakages

Affordable Plans To Fit All Your Medical Billing Needs

Looking to hire the best medical billing service while sticking to your budget? We at Medtech Providers offer cost-effective plans that are perfectly tailored to your unique medical billing needs. Choose your plan now and boost your revenue collection!

Basic Plan

If you are a private practice and don’t want extensive medical billing services then our basic plan is ideal for you. Our basic plan is carefully designed to cater to small medical practices that want to get their cash flow improved while reducing claim denials. Moreover, we charge a flat 5% fee for the basic plan.

The basic plan includes the following services:

Premium Plan

Our premium plan is ideal for those group practices or hospitals that want complete medical billing services. Medtech Provider’s premium plan is specifically designed to cater to large medical practices that are looking to reduce practice overhead, prevent financial risks, and increased transparency. Moreover, we charge a flat 6% fee for the premium plan.

The premium plan includes the following services: