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Physician Credentialing Services

In healthcare, physician credentialing is the process in which a physician’s credentials such as educational qualification, work experience, medical certifications, and licenses are verified in order to make sure that a physician is eligible to offer healthcare services. Generally, a credentialing team evaluates the credentials of a physician by checking out documents such as board certifications, professional degrees, and the state medical license.

Since, credentialing is a very complex process that also requires some level of expertise, many healthcare practices prefer outsourcing their credentialing work to a company that has expertise in medical credentialing. This not only helps healthcare practices with saving costs and risk management but also in bringing efficiency to the credentialing process.

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Our Physician Credentialing Services

We at Medtech Providers offer each and every credentialing service that you might need as a physician. Our physician credentialing team ensures that your credentials are up to date and in total compliance with medical and insurance regulatory requirements in the USA. Here are all the credentialing services for physicians that we offer:

Credentials Verification

We verify every necessary detail of a physician from educational qualification and work experience to licensing and certifications, to ensure patient safety and legal compliance.

Enrollment Of Physician

Our team of enrollment experts will help you as a physician in getting enrolled with both healthcare practices and insurance companies so that he can be authorized to serve patients.

Ongoing Monitoring

We constantly monitor and check the credentials of the physicians so that their compliance with various safety and legal requirements can be ensured.


Credentialing isn’t a single-time process. Our team helps physicians in going through the re-credentialing process and get it done before they reach the credentialing deadline.

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Why Choose Us?

Physician credentialing is quite a crucial process in revenue cycle management, therefore, you need to get the best credentialing company on board to verify the educational qualification and experience of your physicians. Medtech Providers has been operating in the medical billing and credentialing domain for years and thus we know what it takes to get the job done professionally. Our physician credentialing experts review the credentials of each physician with attention to detail. Moreover, they ensure that the physician providing the care service is in compliance with all legal and regulatory requisites.

Benefits Of Our Medical Billing And Credentialing Service

Reduced Errors
Hiring MedTech Providers for medical credentialing means that you now have reduced chances of causing any errors that can cost your business loss.
Builds Better Reputation
Our medical credentialing experts will help your medical business in building trust and reputation among patients while cutting-off the marketing costs.
Minimized Risk of Legal Issues
Get our medical credentialing service and minimize your risk of facing any legal issues. You never know when you can be asked for legal documents.
24/7 Support
Our support staff is available 24/7 to help you out with any queries that you have regarding medical credentialing.

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We Follow A Systematic Credentialing And Enrollment Process!

MedTech Providers first obtain the required data to compile all the background data required for credentialing. The second phase entails enrolling in CAQH by meticulously maintaining profiles and records. After that, we follow the application submission. All documentation is prepared and double-checked before being sent to payers in the third phase.

Proper verification and discussion with the relevant payer organization are required for the fourth step. We ensure the credentialing process to be open and transparent after submitting applications. After that, we verify constant customer representation to handle any inquiries about the credentialing procedure.