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Patient Eligibility Verification Services

Looking for a service to check patient’s active coverage? With our patient eligibility verification service verify the authenticity of your patients claim.

Why Patient Eligibility Verification Is Important?

For medical practitioners to determine if a patient is qualified for the recommended course of treatment, patient eligibility verification is a must. Actually, eligibility verification is a prerequisite in the revenue cycle management process. It also offers other benefits like copayments and co-insurance, as well as a check to see if the patient’s insurance covers the healthcare service or not.

Patient eligibility verification is essential to the overall success of the medical practice. According to reports, faults or inaccuracies in the healthcare provider’s eligibility verification of patients account for about 70–75% of claim denials. It shows that most practices neglect their eligibility verification procedures, resulting in claim delays and denials. However, hiring the patient eligibility verification service by Medtech Providers can help you with accurate eligibility verification and medical billing.

Patient Eligibility Verification Services

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Patient Eligibility Verification Services

The Greater Importance Of Eligibility Verification Than Your Imagination

Unlike the other phases in the revenue cycle management system, doctors and private practices usually view eligibility verification as a formality that is often ignored. That’s the reason why errors in a patient’s eligibility verification result in the most unprecedented rates of claim denials. Most claim denials come under “hard denials,” which are non-appealable and permanent to make matters worse. As a result, medical practices suffer direct financial losses and serious damage to their reputation.</p Medtech Providers offers the best patient eligibility verification service which will not just help in assessing patients’ eligibility better but will also help in getting paid on time.

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Why Hire Medtech Providers For Eligibility Verification Services?

It’s a no brainer that eligibility verification is the first and most crucial step in the medical billing process. Insurance verification must be done correctly for a practice, to get payments on time. Before providing any healthcare services, the medical practice must check and verify the patient’s eligibility. If you are not verifying your patients’ eligibility then you risk your payments being delayed or possibly denied that ultimately results in lower income and more claim denials.

By hiring Medtech Providers for eligibility verification services, you can let our patient eligibility verification experts do the extensive verification while you are focused on catering to your patients. Our experts will help you in reducing the number of claim denials while increasing your revenues.

Patient Eligibility Verification Services

Benefits Of Using A Service For Eligibility Verification Outsourcing

The main advantages of outsourcing eligibility verification to MedTech Providers are listed below.

Avoiding Claim Denials
You can easily concentrate on the bottom line by outsourcing pre-authorization and eligibility verification while avoiding system faults that result in claim denials.
A Low Cost Of Operations
We know that internal verification can be costly. Thus, we offer you a cost-effective option with our incredibly affordable services.
Simple To Grow Businesses
Our eligibility verification services for private practices are designed to give doctors crucial leverage to expand their operations.
Enhanced Patient Care
Efficiency in the first stage of revenue cycle management allows practices to concentrate on patient care, which boosts patient satisfaction.

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To help you avoid claim denials, our qualified eligibility verification consultants offer excellent eligibility verification services. We handle end-to-end insurance verification in which we monitor the benefits and coverage provided by the insurance providers to eliminate any possibility of error or mistake. Medical practice and patient satisfaction have grown due to the incredible accuracy of our claim filings.

We Follow A Reliable Verification Eligibility Service Plan!

MedTech Providers tend to adhere to a thorough approach to patients’ eligibility verification to shorten their entire accounts receivable cycle. Before the patient visits the doctor or physician’s office, our patient eligibility verification specialists verify the patient’s eligibility by collecting the necessary prior authorization and using the correct breakdown of benefits. The steps in our verification procedure are receiving patient schedules from the clinic, hospital, or office of any other medical provider. We ensure entering the patient’s demographic data after that, its benefits are broken down by main (on the day of service) and secondary payers (copays or coinsurances, etc.). Then, our staff starts prior authorization requests and gets the recommended treatment approved. Finally, we modernize the medical practice’s revenue cycle system using the information gleaned from the payers.

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Why Is Verification Of Eligibility Required For Medical Practises?
Medical facilities must confirm that the insurance plan for the patient genuinely covers the healthcare services they are providing. They must therefore carry out an eligibility check for the purpose.
Why Hire MedTech Providers To Handle Your Eligibility Verification?
MedTech Providers is a reputable RCM Billing firm that ensures that medical practices' eligibility is adequately verified and that benefits are broken down to prevent any claim denials impacting a practice's total revenue.
What Does "Breakdown Of Benefits" Mean?
Breakdown of Benefits or BOB refers to the process of determining if copayments, deductibles, co-insurances, or other non-covered sums are paid by patients to a medical office or doctor.
How Long Does It Take To Verify Insurance?
The average verification of benefits process takes 20 minutes. However, it is advised that you speak with the payer 72 hours before the patient's visit.