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6 Medical Coding YouTube Channels You Need To Be Following

Being a medical coder is not easy, you need to constantly upgrade both your knowledge and skills to thrive in the space of medical coding. However, you might not have enough free time in your busy work schedule to do so. So in today’s blog, we are going to reveal to you 6 medical coding YouTube channels you need to follow in 2023.

By following these YouTube channels, you can know about the latest developments in the medical coding field. Even if you are a beginner or someone who is thinking of pursuing medical coding as a career, these YouTube channels can prove to be great resources to learn about medical coding, its technicalities, and its importance in the revenue cycle management of a healthcare practice.

6 Medical Coding YouTube Channels to Follow in 2023

  1. Contempo Coding

If there is one YouTube channel that you need to follow to learn everything about medical coding, it has to be Contempo Coding. The best thing about Contempo Coding is that the channel is run by Victoria Moll who herself is a professional medical coder and now working as a medical coding educator.

From videos on medical coding tips for exams such as “how to learn medical coding on your phone” to videos on “how to land a medical coding job,” you will find great content on Contempo Coding YouTube Channel. You can also find insightful videos on medical coding evaluation and management. Moreover, the channel will give you an insight into tools and resources that you need as a medical coder.

  1. Medical Coding with Bleu

If you are keen to clear your medical coding exam in the very first attempt then Medical Coding with Bleu is a YouTube channel that you have to follow in 2023. The thing you will like about this YouTube channel is that it only talks about medical coding and Bleu who is running the channel has more than a decade of experience in medical coding.

Started in 2018, there are more than a thousand medical coding videos available on the Medical Coding with Bleu YT channel. From medical coding exam tips and tricks to comprehensive explanations of topics related to medical coding, you will find all sorts of videos on the channel. In addition, you can find videos on medical coding as a career.

  1. Armando Hasudungan

If you already know the basics of medical coding and want to dive deeper into the field then Armando Hasudungan is just the right person to follow on YouTube. While Armando Hasudungan is a physician trainee in Australia, he loves to make videos on various medical procedures which you might find helpful as a medical coder. From the anatomy of the heart and respiratory system to neurology, nephrology, and immunology, you will find explanatory videos on every medical topic, on his channel.

Though Armando Hasudungan’s channel is not generally about medical coding, it still offers you great insight into medical diseases and procedures that will help you as a medical coder to assign medical codes correctly.

  1. Shamyra Chacon

Shamyra Chacon is another professional medical coder that has a YouTube channel in which she talks about medical coding. If you are interested in knowing what a day in life a medical coder is like then you need to subscribe to Shamyra Chacon right now.

Even if you are a medical coder who is looking to land a remote job then Shamyra can give you great tips on how to land it. Moreover, you can learn from her about self-study and the salaries that medical coders get.

  1. Medical Coding Academy

Medical Coding Academy is another valuable YouTube channel that every medical coding professional and aspirant should subscribe to. Apart from medical coding exam tips, the YouTube channel also covers career-oriented topics such as choosing the right medical coding school and getting the dream medical coding job.

Medical Coding Academy also discusses the challenges that a medical coder faces in his study and career. Moreover, you can find tips to cope with those challenges to become a successful medical coder.

  1. Dr. Najeeb Lectures

Dr. Najeeb’s YouTube channel is indeed a great online learning resource for both medical providers and coders. Though the channel isn’t primarily about medical coding, you can still subscribe to the channel to learn in detail about medical sciences and clinical medicine.

From explaining the core concepts of various health diseases to discussing the diagnosis and treatment of those diseases, there are more than 1200 videos available on Dr. Najeeb’s YouTube channel. As a medical coder, you can watch those videos to better understand the medical procedures for accurate medical coding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth watching medical coding videos on YouTube?

Yes, it’s indeed worth watching medical coding videos available on YouTube as they help you remain updated with the changes happening in the field. Moreover, they can help you understand those concepts of medical coding that you are having a hard time understanding.

Can I become a medical coder only by watching YouTube videos?

While medical coding videos on YouTube are excellent resources for learning medical coding, you can’t solely rely on them. To become a professional medical coder, you need to get yourself enrolled in a recognized medical coding program or get a professional medical coding certificate. Only then you will be able to work as a medical coder.

Can YouTube videos help me prepare for medical coding exams?

Yes, there are many YouTube channels about medical coding such as Thoughtflows Medical Coding Academy that you can follow and watch their videos to do preparation for medical coding exams. Their videos include tips and study strategies that will help you clear your medical coding exam.

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