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7 Best Podcasts for Doctors and Healthcare Providers in 2023

Being a healthcare provider can be challenging. Not only is it a tough job to be in, but you also need to keep yourself updated with the advancements in the healthcare industry. However, the worst part is that you need more time to read articles and research papers from your busy routine. But you still don’t have to worry because we bring you 7 of the best podcasts for doctors, healthcare, and medical services providers. You can listen to these podcasts to keep yourself updated with everything happening or going to happen in healthcare.

7 Best Podcasts for Doctors and Healthcare Providers

1- 2 Docs Talk

If there is one podcast that you should not miss listening to as a healthcare provider, it has to be 2 Docs Talk. The podcast hosted by Kendall Britt, Amy Rogers, and MD mainly discusses current issues in medicine and health policy. Moreover, there are random talks about experiences with the patients that you find inspiring to listen to as a doctor yourself.

The podcast also provides insight into a typical day in a healthcare provider’s life. You will particularly enjoy listening to the co-hosts Kendall Britt and Amy Rogers as they will discuss the doctor-patient relationship. Unfortunately, the last episode of the 2 Docs Talk podcast was released in March 2020. However, there are 136 recorded episodes available that you can listen to.

2- Healthcare Happy Hour

Healthcare Happy Hour is another worth-listening podcast for you as a healthcare provider in 2023. The podcast is run by the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) and mainly talks about US healthcare policies and health insurance politics.

Though the topics it talks about are serious still, you will enjoy clever puns in between that will also kill your boredom. The podcast also discusses legislative updates on benefits developments every week to give you an insight into what’s happening in less than twenty minutes.

3- DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast

If you are searching for the best medical ethics podcasts, one of the best you can listen to is DocWorking. Unlike the other two podcasts featured above, DocWorking talks about how healthcare providers can be more productive in their daily lives. Moreover, the podcast discusses how doctors can improve their work-life balance to get the best of both worlds.

The podcast is hosted by three hosts, Jen Barna, Jill Farmer, and Gabriella Dennery, and they talk to different physicians in every episode. Each episode covers the career and life of a physician, while the hosts also give coaching tips and advice to young physicians.

4- Second Opinion

Second Opinion is another medical ethics podcast that healthcare providers can listen to for brutally honest talks. The podcast airs on KCRW and is hosted by Dr Michael Wilkes, a professor of medicine at the University of California.

The podcast usually talks about people’s situations while making medical decisions. Moreover, Michael Wilkes is quite open in his podcasts about calling out pharmaceutical and health insurance companies on medical ethics.

5- New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

If you are keen to know about medical research conducted worldwide, then the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is a podcast you will enjoy listening to. As one of the best free medical podcasts for doctors, NEJM releases two weekly podcasts for its listeners.

The podcast shares opinions on several topics, including best clinical practices and medical research results. Moreover, they invite doctors to their podcasts to share their views.

6- Dentalpreneur

If you are a dentist and on the quest for a podcast mainly about the dental profession, then Dentalpreneur is a must-listen podcast for you. As you can imagine, the podcast talks about entrepreneurship and careers in the dental field.

The podcast is hosted by Dr Mark Costes, a dentist himself by profession and the founder of Dental Success Institute. An institute that aims to improve the lives of dentists by helping them boost the profitability of their practices.

Dentalpreneur also aims to empower dentists with tips that can help them be more successful in their careers while making more money from their practice.

7- Legends of Surgery

We have Legends of Surgery at number 7 on our best podcasts for doctors and healthcare providers list. If you love to listen to stories about surgeons and healthcare specialists, then Legends of Surgery is the ultimate podcast that you should listen to.

From medical procedures to medical equipment, there is barely anything they don’t talk about in the podcast—moreover, the podcast talks about advancements in medical techniques happening worldwide.

Do you know the best thing about Legends of Surgery? You can also give ideas for future podcasts, and they will listen to your topic suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are generally the topics for a doctor’s podcast?

A doctor’s podcast generally focuses on topics like health and wellness trends, issues of healthcare providers, physician entrepreneurship, and patient stories.

Is it worth listening to a doctor’s podcast?

Yes, listening to a doctor’s podcast gives you an insight into how the healthcare landscape is evolving. Moreover, it helps you remain informed of healthcare news and updates.

Where can I listen to medical podcasts for free?

Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music are some platforms where you can listen to medical podcasts for free. Install their apps on your mobile device and listen to your favorite medical podcast.


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