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Importance of a Certified Professional Biller (CPB) Credential

Becoming a professional medical biller may seem easy, but it requires credentials, skills, experience, and expertise. Certified Professional Biller or CPB credential course is a certification that every medical biller needs to excel in his career and get better job opportunities with more pay. In today’s blog, we will discuss the importance of a certified professional biller. Moreover, we will discuss the benefits of getting a CPB certification and how you can get it. So let’s start:

What is Certified Professional Biller Credential?

To become a certified professional biller, you must get the Certified Professional Biller or CPB certification. Once you get that certificate, you have the certified professional biller credential that brings more credibility to your role as a medical biller. Moreover, a certified professional biller credential tells that you are skillful enough to manage the various aspects of revenue cycle management of a healthcare practice, such as medical billing and payment collection.

What Can I Learn with the CPB Credential?

The CPB program is designed to help medical billers grow both in their personal and professional domains. With the CPB credential, you can accurately do medical billing. Moreover, it gives you the confidence to do your job as a medical biller efficiently.

Here are some of the things that you can learn by getting a CPM credential:

1- How various insurance plans are different from each other and how you should work with each of them as a medical biller

2- How to successfully submit accurate medical insurance claims without any errors for reduced denials

3- How to comply with various healthcare industry rules and regulations such as HIPAA

4- How to bring improvements to the revenue cycle management of a healthcare practice for efficient revenue collection

5- How to follow up on claims and tackle claim denials

6- How to apply the knowledge and other things you learned in the CPB course

Importance of Certified Professional Biller Credential

1- It Enhances Your Skills & Knowledge in Medical Billing

Becoming a professional medical biller requires an excellent knowledge of medical insurance, medical billing, and revenue cycle management. The Certified Professional Biller credential gives you that knowledge and helps you understand the various challenges and problems of medical billing and insurance claims.

Moreover, the CPM credential helps enhance your medical billing skills to efficiently do billing while keeping up with medical billing best practices. This will result in increased billing accuracy and reduced billing errors and claim denial rates.

2- It Gives You A Competitive Edge as a Medical Biller

The medical billing field is a very competitive one, especially in terms of career and employment. Therefore, having the Certified Professional Biller credential is essential and a must.

Having the CPB credential will give you a competitive edge as a medical biller, which will eventually help increase your employability chances.

The CPB credential is that secret weapon that you can use in your employment to authenticate your knowledge and skills as a medical biller.

3- It Can Get You Better Opportunities for Career Growth

Starting a career in medical billing is challenging, and achieving career growth in it is even more challenging. However, having the CPB credential can help you achieve rapid growth in your career.

Most medical billers don’t focus on getting advanced medical billing certifications like CPB certification. Therefore, you can get the CPM credential and advance your career.

In addition, CPB certification can help you negotiate for a better salary and grab a high-paying job as a medical biller.

4- You Get Professional Networking Opportunities

Another reason why getting the CPB credential is essential is that it enables you to access professional networking opportunities.

Only CPB-certified medical billers can join certain networking events and conferences. If you get the CPB certification, you can attend those networking events and grow in your career by getting in touch with medical billing experts and learning from them.

Preparation for CPB Certification

1- Sign Up for the Certification Exam

The first step for getting the CPB certification is to sign up for its Exam. For that, you need to go to and schedule your Exam.

You need to purchase an exam voucher to participate in the certification exam, and after that, you will have all the information about your Exam. Moreover, you will have access to study materials and tips for passing the certification exam.

You can reschedule or even cancel your CPB certification exam if you need more time and preparation.

2- Study for the Exam

The CPB certification exam is challenging; you can’t pass it without studying. So if you are willing to pass the Exam on the first attempt, you need to cover all the topics from the study material.

Moreover, you can take help from study preparation material and online tools to better prepare for the Exam.

3- Take the Exam

Once you are done preparing, it’s time to take the CPB exam. The duration of the CPM exam is five hours and forty minutes, so it’s necessary to be mentally and physically prepared.

Make sure to take your time answering exam questions and don’t panic as you have good enough time to answer them.

4- Maintain Your Certification

If you pass the CPB exam, you must also maintain your certification by paying a membership fee.

To maintain the CPB certification, you must pay AAPC for your membership. Moreover, after two years, you must complete 36 units of in-continue education courses.

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